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Our Private Building Surveyor in the Victorian Building Surveyors (VBS) provides independent oversight of building design and building work throughout the construction process and upon completion of work to ensure that buildings are safe for use, accessible and energy-efficient. 


We perform a critical role in the implementation, monitoring and enforcement of building standards in Victoria through our administration of the building permit system. ​​Our building surveyor can be appointed for your building projects to carry out the following functions under the Building Act 1993.

  • Decide on building permit applications which can include the issuing of building permits;

  • Carry out inspections of buildings and building work;

  • The issuing of occupancy permits and certificates of final inspections;

  • Approve temporary occupation of buildings; and

  • Enforce safety and building standards through:

   i)   giving and enforcing directions to fix non- compliant building work

   ii)  causing a building notice to be served, and

   iii) making building orders.


Our PBS is a Building Surveyor -Unlimited and can carry out the functions of a building surveyor in respect of buildings of all BCA classes (residential and commercials), regardless of the height and floor area.


We pride ourselves with providing professional,  prompt and quality service in building compliance matters.


Our team in Victorian Building Surveyors is here to assist you in your building compliance and approval process.


We're here to offer our assistance in all aspects of the Victorian building legislation and the National Construction Codes (NCC).

​​Our team works with different stakeholders and service providers such as authorities, designers, engineers, energy assessors and more to deliver a competitive, prompt and reliable service.


Our PBS is practising as building surveyor for many years and knows how to help you with your Building Permit and construction processes.

Our PBS is authorised to assess design and building compliance, without any limitation in Victoria and to ensure your building is safe, accessible and energy-efficient. 

He is highly qualified and can ensure your building design and construction meets the Victorian building legislative requirements and the National Construction Code.

News & Publications



Victorian builders banned from appointing Building Surveyors


This article aimed at tackling dodgy builders and poor workmanship.




Victorian building surveyors guilty over more than 700 misconduct claims


It comes amid concerns that there is an inherent conflict of interest in requiring private building surveyors to assess building work while the builder also employs them.



Disciplinary action for Lacrosse tower Building Surveyor


The building surveyor who signed off on the Docklands tower ravaged by a fierce cladding fire is facing disciplinary action after a lengthy investigation by the state's building regulator.


July 14, 2018 - Paul Mulholland

Court rules that owners corps must not discriminate

The recent Supreme Court of Victoria ruling makes clear that Victorian owners corporations are required to make reasonable adjustments for both tenants and visitors who have a disability.


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