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Victorian Building Surveyors is a boutique company that offers building surveying services for government and private sectors in Melbourne and Metropolitan areas. We provide professional, reliable, prompt, and quality services at competitive rates. 


Our company, founded in 2016, is led by Mr. Joseph Yousefi. Joseph is a Building Surveyor in the unlimited category and is authorised to perform all functions specified in the Building Act 1993 for a private building surveyor without any limitations on the size or complexity of the project.  


Joseph possesses an extensive understanding of the building regulatory system, gained through his work with various local governments and the private sector. He has also served as a Senior Technical Advisor for the Victorian Building Authority (VBA), and we are confident that his expertise will benefit our clients through our practice.

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Building Surveyor Building Permit Victoria
Our building surveying services include the following:
  • Decisions on building permits;

  • Inspection services during the construction process;

  • Decisions on occupancy permits;

  • Pool fence safety inspections and certification services; and

  • Certifications for illegal building work in Melbourne metropolitan areas. 


Our Private Building Surveyors at Victorian Building Surveyors (VBS) provide independent oversight of building design and work during construction and upon completion.


The intention of the building permit process is to review documentation and ensure that building works comply with the Building Act 1993, Building Regulations 2018,  National Construction Code (NCC) and relevant Australian Standards. 

Our building surveying practitioners are empowered by the Building Act 1993, which governs building activity in Victoria, to provide building surveying services for the building permit process in Melbourne and Metropolitan areas. 

We are empowered by the Act to review proposed building works and carry out one or any of the following activities:  


  • Decide on building permit applications, which can include the issuing of building permits;

  • Carry out inspections of buildings and building work;

  • Enforce safety and building standards and

  • Issuing of occupancy permits and certificates of final inspections.



Our Building Surveyors can perform building surveying functions for all BCA classes, including residential and commercial properties, regardless of their size or height.

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Building notice unauthorised building work building surveyor victoria


Building permits cannot be issued after the fact for building works that have already been completed.

If the Relevant Building Surveyor (RBS) for your work identifies illegal building work, they can issue a Building Notice that gives you the opportunity to address non-compliant issues.

In the event that we are not responsible for your project and any unauthorised construction takes place, the Municipal Building Surveyor (MBS) from your local council may give a Building Notice. This notice will enable you to explain why the work was done without obtaining a proper building permit and why the building should be allowed to remain on your property.

Our building surveyors have the authority granted by the Building Act to issue a certificate of compliance under Section 238(1)(b) of the Building Act. This certificate confirms that the work done on the building conforms to the relevant building regulations. The MBS will review the certification and determine whether any illegal building work can be retained.

Please contact us to schedule a building inspection with our registered practitioners in Melbourne and the surrounding areas.



As per the recent announcement from the Victorian Building Authority, it is mandatory for all swimming pool and spa owners to register their pools or spas with their respective local councils. They must also ensure that an effective safety barrier is installed around their swimming pools or spas.

Our office offers inspection and certification services for pool and spa barriers and helps owners meet relevant requirements.


For more information about our pool inspection services, please check our Melbourne Pool Inspection Website and book an inspection.

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Pool Fence Inspection


Watch the Victorian Building Authority discuss building your own home in Victoria


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