​Building Surveying Services Under the Building Act 1993


Our Building Surveyor is professionally trained in understanding the building control process. Where building permit is required, the Building Act 1993 gives our private building surveyor power to assess building plans with a view to ensuring they comply with the Act, the Building Regulation 2018 and the National Construction Code.

​Building Surveyors are responsible for ensuring buildings are safe, accessible and energy-efficient, and therefore they have an impact on the design, planning and functionality of buildings.

When a building surveyor is appointed, he/she remains involved for the duration of the building project. Our building surveyor can issue a building permit, inspect work during construction, enforce requirements of the Building Act in relation to the scope of their appointment and sign off the certificate of final inspection or occupancy permit that is required on completion of the permitted works.

You can only appoint one building surveyor to a building project. We recommend appointing our building surveyors before you apply for the building permit as he has a great understanding of the building legislation which can benefit you in saving time and money.​ The appointment of a private building surveyor must be made by the owner or an agent of the owner other than the builder.

Our private building surveyors undertake the following activities:


Issuing building permits

  • Assess and determine an application for a building permit

  • Consider and determine the appropriateness of proposed protection work

  • Issuing building permit


Carry out inspections of buildings and building work

  • Carry out inspections of building work to verify if the building work complies with the building permit, the Building Act 1993 and building regulations

  • Prepare a written record of building work inspected, documenting details of non-compliant issues


Enforce safety and building standards

  • Give and enforce directions to fix non-compliant building work after an inspection of the building work

  • Cause a building notice to be served

  • Cancel a building notice

  • Make a building order

  • Amend or cancel a building order

  • Inspect building work required by a building order.


Issuing certificates of final inspection and occupancy permits

  • Issuing a certificate of final inspection

  • Assess and determine an application for an occupancy permit

  • Issuing occupancy permit

  • Cancel occupancy permit


Issuing approvals for temporary occupation of buildings

  • Assess and determine an application for temporary occupation of a building

  • Issue permission for temporary occupation of a building

  • Cancel license for temporary occupation of a building

Determination on protection Work 

  • Considering the matters set out in regulation 112 of the Building Regulations 2018

  • Determined that the Owner must carry out protection work

  • A determination under section 87 of the Act

Issuing Certificate of Pool and Spa Barrier Compliance or Non-Compliance

  • Inspect pool and spa barriers

  • Determine an application for pool barrier compliance 

  • Issue certificate of Compliance or Non‑Compliance 

Issuing certificates of compliance 

  • Assess and determine an application for a certificate of compliance 

  • Issue Certificate of  Compliance

Owner Builder Section 137b Reports

  • As a prescribed building practitioner, prepare a report on the building and identify the matters that are required by the Minister by notice published in the Government Gazette. 

Determination That Combined Allotment is One Allotment

  • Consider the matters set out in regulation 64(2) of the Building Regulations 2018

  •  Issue a determination that combined allotment is one allotment

Mr Joseph M Yousefi 

Building Surveying Practitioner (Unlimited) Registration       BS-U 61233

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