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Melbourne Pool Safety Inspections

We work with Melbourne Pool Safety Inspection (MPSI) who are specialised in Pool and Spa Inspection services.

Since 1st December 2019, it is mandatory for owners of swimming pools or spa owners to register their pool or spa with the relevant council. As part of the registration process, pool and spa owners are required to obtain and lodge a compliance certificate for their safety barriers. 

Our inspectors are focused on assisting pool or spa owners to ensure they are complying with their mandatory requirements under the new building legislative framework in Victoria. Our inspectors ensure pool safety barriers are correctly maintained, and the operation of the barriers restrict access to the pools or spas. 

You can book for inspection to authorise our registered inspectors in Melbourne Pool Safety Inspection to assist you with compliance with the applicable barrier standard.

Issuing a Certificate of Pool and Spa Barrier Compliance 


Our registered inspectors can inspect your pool barrier and determine if the safety barrier complies with the applicable barrier standard, and issue a certificate of barrier compliance that needs to be lodged with your council. The process is as follows:

  • You book for an inspection. 

  • We agree on a time for inspection. 

  • We inspect your pool or spa barriers. 

  • If we find the barrier is compliant, we can issue a certificate of pool or spa barrier compliance.

  • If we find the barrier is non-compliant, we can issue a notice, specifying the issues, the period the barrier must be made compliant (maximum 60 days) and the time for reinspection. Alternatively, where we find there is an imminent danger, we can issue a certificate of pool or spa barrier Non-compliance.


After re-inspection, if we determine that the pool barrier is compliant, we can issue a certificate of barrier compliance, and you must then lodge the certificate with your local council.

  • If the barrier remains non-compliant, but we are satisfied that progress has been made towards bringing the barrier into compliance, we will allow you an additional 7 days to rectify the barrier. Otherwise, we must issue a certificate of barrier non-compliance.

  • If we issue a certificate of barrier non-compliance, we must lodge it with the relevant council and provide you with a copy. 


For more information about our swimming pool and spa inspection services, please refer to our Melbourne Pool Safety Inspection Website.