Victorian Building legislation


The Building Act 1993 sets out the legislative framework for the regulation of building construction, building standards and maintenance of buildings in Victoria.

Our building surveying practitioners are empowered by the Building Act that governs building activity in Victoria to provide building surveying services for building permit process (including issuing a building permit, inspections during building works and issuing an occupancy permit/certificate of final inspection), inspect pool and spa barriers and provide certifications for illegal building works. 


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Victorian Building Authority 

The Victorian Building Authority (VBA) regulates Victoria’s building and plumbing industries – protecting the community and empowering practitioners.


The Authority also regulates building practitioners to ensure the achievement of efficient and competitive building industries in Victoria.


Our private building surveyors and building inspectors are registered with the VBA to practice in Victoria and provide services in Melbourne and metropolitan areas.

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National Construction Code


The National Construction Code (NCC) which is also known as the BCA, provides a uniform and nationally accepted set of technical requirements from design to construction stage of buildings. The National Construction Code 2019 is the code that is in use for a significant part of our assessment services.


Our building surveyors refer to the requirements of the Code and base their assessment on compliance with the Code and relevant legislative requirements.


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Australian Building Standards


Building Regulations 2018 prescribes relevant building standards as the minimum requirements for the technical aspects of the building process. The standards are set out in the edition of the applicable Building Code that is in effect for a building.


Our building surveyors refer to the requirements of the Standards specified on the Code, evidence of suitability and base their assessment on compliance with the relevant requirements.

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